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Scotland, United Kingdom
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wget && man ./


I am a growth manager that has helped scale a small startup to millions of monthly visitors through writing, SEO optimization, and advising on strategy. In my spare time, I work on open-source software that helps me take control over my data.


Technical Marketer, Roboflow (October 2022 - Present)

Growth Product Manager, Career Karma (March 2021 - October 2022)

Strategy and conversions contributor tasked with helping Career Karma expand its SEO efforts.

  • Contributed to a site-wide rearchitecture for our editorial content.
  • Built a static version of our blog that generates 5000 posts in under three minutes. The site scores "green" on all Core Web Vitals.
  • Collaborated with the growth engineering squad to plan and build our career directory product.
  • Started and led the conversions optimization team.
  • Used Jupyter Notebook, pandas, and matplotlib to analyse SEO trends.
  • Maintained Jira process for new experiments.
  • Advised and executed on site architecture changes.
  • Led regular meetings with conversions team and 1:1 conversions.
  • Our team's work resulted in a 15% month-over-month growth rate.

Technical Content Manager, Career Karma (July 2020 - March 2021)

Managed a team of technical writers to help reach a goal of one million monthly visitors to our web publication.

  • Led weekly editorial sprint planning meetings.
  • Provided feedback on technical content and provided recommendations for improvement.
  • Set strategy for new topics and worked with other SEO team members to target keyword clusters.

Technical Writer, Career Karma (July 2019 - July 2020)

Wrote over 600 tutorials on coding topics for a beginner to intermediate audience. Tutorials covered Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bash.

Our company SEO strategy was documented in a Foundation Inc blog post.


Attained the following Higher qualifications in high school:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Management
  • Politics
  • English
  • History


  • Growth planning
  • Technical writing
  • Computer vision
  • Web search
  • Web crawling
  • Linux
  • Git
  • Python
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Static site generation
  • Accessibility
  • Structured data (RSS, JSON-Feed, microformats)
  • Technical SEO


W3C Social Web Community Group - Co-chair - July 2023 - Present
I am a co-chair on the W3C Social Web Community Group.


Homebrew Website Club Europe / London
I co-organise the Homebrew Website Club (HWC) meetup every weeks.
This meetup is a place for anyone across the globe to come together and chat about the web, IndieWeb, taking control of one's data, and related topics.
See HWC Europe / London website.


IndieWeb Search
A search engine that lets visitors navigate over 400,000 web pages made by IndieWeb community members.
IndieWeb Utils
Python library that provides high-level utilties useful for building IndieWeb applications.
Webmention Receiver
A Webmention receiver built with Python Flask, compliant with the W3C Webmention specification.
Micropub Client and Server
A Micropub client and server built with Python Flask, compliant with the W3C Micropub specification.
IndieAuth Server
An authentication and authorization endpoint compliant with the W3C IndieAuth specification.
Microsub Client and Server
A feed reader application that can parse multiple types of feeds.
WebSub Server
A WebSub server that sends notifications to subscribers when new content is posted. Compliant with the WebSub W3C specification.
Contributed to sites run by MDN, AfroTech,, Barista Magazine, Coffee People, Codecademy, Sprudge and Steampunk Coffee. View all my writing.

More projects on which I have worked are listed on my Projects page.

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