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Webmention: Søren Birkemeyer

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My site is a place for me to tinker. I like the word tinker. I usually say “play around” for lack of a better word. The projects I enjoy working on most are those where there is a clear purpose. I like to scratch my own itches, as the IndieWeb documentation says.

Since joining the IndieWeb, I’ve found a new love for making websites. This is because I feel in control of what I build. I decide what goes on my site. When I hear other people talk about what they are building, I get excited. I sometimes like to see how I can improve upon what exists. That has been the motivation behind many of my projects.

I love your blog. I read your post on building a changelog. Interestingly, I tried to do the same thing with some free time. I use Jekyll so my process was a bit different. Maybe I’ll blog about it some time.

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