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This is a problem that I think the IndieWeb has in general. There's a steep learning curve, so if you persevere through it you get caught up in everything. You end up spending hours pouring over specs, implementing all sorts of little bits and bobs, and doing things simply because you can without really questioning if you should.

This has been a problem for me. There is plenty one can implement – from RSS feeds to webmention receivers to Micropub clients – and all of it takes time. I have found myself feeling overwhelmed by everything recently because there is so much to do.

I am presently writing in a Micropub client I wrote. Oh does it feel good to be able to click on a bookmarklet and respond to any post on the web. But building this client has taken me many, many hours. And there is still so much more I could do.

With that said, there is plenty of promise in the community and I feel I have learned a lot. I don’t have any advice for anyone in the same position as me. Just do what makes you feel good and stop when you feel you need a break.

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