I wrote an article for Barista Magazine on recyclable coffee cans

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I agree with your point that programming is a useful skill to learn even if you do not want to code in your job.

If I had to describe coding in one word, the word I would choose is “empowering.”

Through coding, you are able to build what you want with computers and bring an idea you have into fruition.

My blog started with an idea and I have loved building it. My blog, and even the software I am using to write this post, is built just how I like it. I couldn’t say the same if I didn’t know how to code.

Being able to write a simple Python script can save time, sure. But it can also be incredibly fun. One can make a game with code. Or build a website. Or do a repetitive task that may be tedious.

Coding is definitely stressful at times, don’t get me wrong. With that said, I’d encourage anyone to learn how to code.

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